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Commonly asked questions when filling out the Scholarship Application

Q: What are the extra requirements if I am a current high school senior applying for the scholarship?

A: You will need to ADDITIONALLY turn in a copy of your ACT scores and a letter or email or status of your college application/acceptance.


Q: Do I need an official transcript?

A: No, you don’t need an official transcript you can print out and unofficial one from your college portal/boss account


Q: Do I need to include my ACT and my Class rank?

A: If you are a High school senior, yes. If you are a current college student, it is recommended that you do, but not mandatory.


Q: Do I just leave parts blank if they don’t apply to me?

A: No, always put something in even if it’s just “N/A”


Q: How long is the essay?

A: The essay should be no more than 300 words


Q: Does my scholarship amount get matched?

A: Some scholarships get matched by the college but it is not guaranteed.


Q: Am I required to become a LULAC member if I receive a scholarship?

A: Yes, you are required to become a member if you become a recipient.


Q: Do I have to volunteer and help in the fundraisers if I become a scholarship recipient?

A: Yes, it is now a requirement to volunteer (through LULAC) and help with the fundraisers if you are a scholarship recipient.


Q: What if I am a Graduate student and I don’t have an enrollment verification because they have not accepted me yet?

A: You can submit a copy of your application status or an email saying that you applied for the program.


Q: What if I am out of the Little Rock area and I am unable to travel for events/volunteer/fundraiser?

A: Please let the council know as soon as possible (this will not disqualify you from applying). There can be arrangements made with on an individual basis.

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